Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Paige's first Blazer game.

On march 5th we drove up to Portland for a Blazer game, we've gone to one already this season but this time we were taking Paige. I'm crazy about her nap time so we had to plan it all out so she could sleep in the car at her regular nap time so we wouldn't mess with her schedule. Well that didn't happen. 

We stopped at the outlet malls on the way up so we could change Paige and she could get out of the car seat. We didn't really find anything other than Daniel got a north face and I'm still dreaming about the one I should have just got! they are always a little disappointing but there are new stores so that's cool for next time. 

We hit the road again so we would make it on time to the game. We hit traffic way earlier than expected and Paige barely slept, I ended up having to shimmy my way to the back seat to keep her company through the traffic 
After she fell asleep for like 5 minutes. 

Anyway we got to the stadium at 6:50 with ten minutes to spare, it was raining and she thought it was funny running in the rain. When we got inside and to our seats the game didn't start till 7:30. It was nice we had some time to spare but not so good for a baby that gets ready for bed at 9. She loved the noises, lights, and cheering neighbors and of course grabbing the guy sitting next to me and his straw in his drink haha! We made it to halftime and then went exploring. Everywhere we went people said  how cute she was and a couple ladies stopped to say how beautiful of a family we were, so funny. Paige got a certificate and a pin for her first game. We ended up leaving during the fourth quarter (it was a blow out) cuz it was past a baby's bedtime. We had so much fun getting out as a family, and never have I been more thankful to be the wife that didn't have to drive home! 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Snow days

This winter has been so nuts. There has been two times now that it has snowed like six inches. I can't remember in my whole life of living in oregon that happening and now it has happened twice in the same winter! Global warming people, it's real! Anyway..I always remember growing up having a "snow day" where maybe there was like half and inch and school got canceled but nothing like this 
This is serious business. You literally had to have chains to drive. This is Paige's second snow storm in her six month life, that just blows my mind. It was fun taking pictures with Paige in the snow but I think she could care less. By the time she can play outside and if we are still in Oregon I have a feeling there will be more snow days ahead. Driving to work was scary, I've never driven in the snow but the worst part was the round about on the way. A round a bout it a bad idea on a normal day, now add like 5 inches of snow and go at it. STRESSFUL! 

This last snow session came with some freezing rain, I've heard of freezing rain in the forecast before but this was serious, the snow was now covered in like two inches of ice.
We have a huge old tree in our front yard that didn't make it 
This was one of the scariest things that has happened to me. Being at home alone with the baby and hearing a 50 foot tree come crashing down is flipping scary! Hearing trees snap outside is no fun. The snow has been gone for about a week now and there are still trees down left and right in the park by our house. 

I have a feeling this May not be the last snow for the year, I sure hope it is though. Snow was fun when your little but, like other things, it's not fun when your an adult! 
Blazer loved exploring out in the snow. 
Hears to no more snow! 

Monday, January 27, 2014

See you 2013

So my new years resolution was to start blogging. I have such a terrible memory and now with our new baby I want to be able to look back at her growing up. So sorry in advance if someone ends up actually reading this, it's going to be all about the baby!

Lets get up to speed with whats going on in the Perry's life. Its been a year since we found out we were pregnant, after freaking out we were excited. Little Paige came a week early(day after my sisters wedding) and we've been parents ever since. We moved to Eugene when she was just a couple weeks old and live in a super cute old two bedroom house with big back yard for Blazer. We were both going to LBCC when we lived in Harrisburg, but now Daniel is going to Lane and wants to be a teacher while I'm taking some time off of school to be a mom.(dont worry I'll go back) Paige is five months old and growing up so fast, it brings tears to my eyes. Love her and I don't want to forget a minute of it!

Fast forward up until now:
 Day she was born. such a chub(ME)

Christmas 2013
baby pictures

My two babies, they're best friends